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Fine Arts reaches out to all students for art gallery

On Monday the Fine Arts Department will give away a total of $500 at their most anticipated event of the year, the 15th Annual Juried Student Art Competition.

The competition is open to all students at VSU, not just art majors. Only VSU students are allowed to participate.

Students entering the event were required to have their project turned in by Tuesday. Today students will check into the gallery to see if their work was accepted. Declined work should be picked up at this time.

Students were able to have up to five entries and there was no entry fee.

Students may enter with graphic design, illustration, interior design, animation, drawing, sculptures, and many other projects. Students are also allowed to work with another student on one project, as long as only one student’s name is listed on the entry form.

“I love it because of the diversity of media, ideas and kinds of art,” Julie Bowland, fine arts director, said. “It is unpredictable and fun.”

The art competition will also host their awards ceremony on Monday, and the judged projects will remain in the art gallery until April 5. At the awards ceremony, first through fourth place awards will be given out—first place winner will receive $150. Five honorable mentions will also receive $20 each.

Alan MacTaggart, chair and professor of art and humanities at Georgia Regents University, will judge the competition. MacTaggart has been in charge of art departments for over 40 years and has had exhibitions in Morocco, Italy, Bulgaria and England.

MacTaggart has never been to Valdosta and said that he will be looking for excellence and outstanding efforts.

“In art, it really shows whether it was done quickly or if it was done with outstanding craftsmanship and lots of labor,” MacTaggart said.

If there are any questions concerning the event, contact Julie Bowland at jabowland@valdosta.edu.

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