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Genetically modified wheat questionable

Written by Ivey Ingalls-Rubin


As many already know there is a movement afoot to introduce genetically modified (GM) wheat into the vast fields of North America. This last December the Monsanto Company, the creator of GM wheat, applied to the U.S. and Canadian governments for commercial approval of the frankien wheat. Despite this biotechnical agriculture giant promising that they will not market this product until there is consumer acceptance; they are continuing to push ahead regardless. They do however understand that their efforts are not without controversy. Since there exists no system in which to place that segregates GM and non-GM wheat, both conventional and organic farmers will lose their ability to sell their crop— an absolutely disgusting possibility.


There is an ever-present pressure haunting worrisome farmers and consumers alike about this new wheat that the Monsanto Company is relentlessly trying to get out on the shelves. The biggest problem with this product is that there is no independent process in place to insure that GM wheat is safe for the environment and human consumption.


“The technology is too new, therefore it’s important that we have a battery of studies that are conducted on the wheat to convince people, myself, scientists, regulators that the wheat can be eaten by people,” Jack Heinemann, a molecular biologist at the University of Canterbury, said. “What we have found is that the molecules created in this wheat, intended to silence wheat genes, can match human genes and through ingestion these molecules can enter human beings and potentially silence our genes.”


The company who so desperately yearns to make money is doing the only “research” about this altered wheat, keeping secrets about the location of experiments and also about the exact contents of the wheat. The time has come to intervene and demand this product never see the light of day, or the soil of our sweet earth. We all must play a part in ensuring that this vital crop does not fall prey to the disgusting Monsanto Company. The revolution begins by making ourselves aware of the dangerous unknowns of GM foods.

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