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Meet Juliana Boehm

Written by Ritsuki Miyazaki


Meet Juliana Boehm, a VSU tennis player and cross country runner.


She was born in Sochi, Russia, and grew up in Mannheim, Germany.


Her accomplishments include being named one of the Gulf South Conference Runners of the Week in 2012.  Even in the middle of the season, Boehm continues to bring a positive attitude to the Blazers tennis team.


“If you are on the team, how can you not hustle as much as she (does)?” John Hansen, head coach, said.


Hansen also admired Boehm’s win in the doubles match against Columbus State on March 5. Columbus is currently ranked number six in the country.


“It was a good win for them,” Hansen said. “Finally breaking through all (of our struggles) was a positive sign for everybody.”


Boehm’s doubles partner, Laura Ubeda, explained that her aggressive style of play makes the match easier for her.


Boehm started to play tennis when she was seven years old. She was influenced by her father, a tennis coach, and her older sister started to play a year before her.


Boehm recalls the time she was in Germany playing tennis. “I didn’t play for school when I was in Germany; I just played in club tennis,” she said. “We practiced maybe once or twice a week, but here (at) VSU, we have everyday practices as a team, and I enjoy (going) to games, (competing) as a team. It’s always nice.”


Although she is a full-time student and plays two sports, Boehm still enjoys spending her free time with friends and fellow teammates.

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