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PopAddict: Bynes calls out Drake, Beyonce calls out haters

Written by Anthony Pope


Hello world—Anthony here bringing you everything ratchet, thirsty, and anything else that had us scratching our heads in the world of entertainment this week.


It’s beginning to look like 2013 will be remembered as the year that the art of twerking has gone mainstream.


In a video posted last week for her 11.5 million Twitter followers to see, child star Miley Cyrus twerked, popped and gyrated to the already overplayed song “Wop.”


From the average person doing it in the club, to former Disney stars doing it for attention, it’s safe to say that twerking is majorly downgrading.


As if Cyrus doing it wasn’t bad enough, 90-year-old grandmothers are doing it for likes and comments on YouTube.


I know pronounce twerking officially dead.


While we all try and cope with the fact that twerking has gotten out of control, can we also take a moment and lift our girl Amanda Bynes up in prayer?


From bizarre run-ins with the paparazzi to even more bizarre postings on social networks, the former Nickelodeon star raised even more eyebrows last week when she sent out a tweet to everyone’s favorite emotional rapper Drake.


“I want @Drake to murder my vagina,” she tweeted.


Let that sink in for a moment. After that tweet, which Drake didn’t respond to, the former actress tweeted, “Twerking Out.”


I’m sure if she gives her friend Miley a call she could get some pointers on that one.


The Bey Hive was buzzing this past week when Beyoncé unleashed a new track on her fans.


The song titled “Bow Down/I Been On” shows a much more urban side of the former Destiny’s Child lead singer.


As her harmonizing vocals reigned over a signature H-Town chopped and screwed beat, Bey let all the haters know that she has been in the game longer than most, and they should “Bow Down Bitches.”


No word on who the singer was talking about in the song, but I’m sure Keyshia Cole and Keri Hilson are somewhere giving a side eye.


What’s most interesting about the Beyoncé single is that it seems like a departure from the singer’s usual “dominant female” persona.


Back in the days of Destiny’s Child, it was all about women sticking together and looking out for each other, but now it seems that gimmick isn’t going to work in 2013.


I’m not sure how I feel about a thugged out Beyoncé calling people bitches and telling them to bow down to her.  It comes off as forced and fake.


While she never confirmed whether the song would be featured on an upcoming album, let’s just hope this isn’t a sign of things to come.


The last thing we need is a thugged out Beyoncé album with Juicy J as a guess vocal.


Be sure to check back with Pop Addict next week to catch up with all your favorite celebs in the world of entertainment.




Slang dictionary:


Ratchet- (adj:) behavior deemed unacceptable by society


Thirsty- (adj:)- desperate


Twerking- (verb:) an exotic dance that involves quick movement of the butt.


Bey Hive-(noun:) the name given to Beyoncé fans.


Side eye- (noun:) a look of jealously or dislike




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