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Wavves returns with new album

Written by Anthony Drake

“Wavves” is back again with their 4th full length album which was released on Tuesday.

The band is staying true to their surf rock sound with their new album “Afraid of Heights.”

The album starts off with the track “Sail to the Sun.” The song features heavy guitar and drum playing with added vocals by lead singer, Nathan Williams.

These sounds combined with the vocals make this track overall a great album opener because sonically it grabs the listener’s attention with captivating guitar riffs, rhythmic drumming and catchy vocals.

The next track “Demon to Lean On,” takes the playing down a notch with some nice smooth acoustic guitar playing accompanied with some drums and later on electric guitar.

“Wavves” decided to switch up the instrumental qualities for the third track entitled “Mystic.”

This track has some really booming bass that is heard throughout the song. The bass in this track is similar to something you would normally hear in a hard hitting rap album. The bass shakes this whole track up, giving it a really distinct, distorted and heavy sound.

From track four on, this album stays pretty consistent instrumentally sticking to just guitar, bass, and percussion.

“Wavves” does not go crazy with experimenting with different sounds like in the track “Mystic.”

This album really gets you into the summertime vibe with “Wavves” stunning surf rock sound.

What did you think after listening to the album and what album should I review next week? Email at ajdrakejr@valdosta.edu with all of your questions and comments.



Release Date: March 26, 2013

My Rating: 9/10

Record Label:  Mom + Pop Records

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