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Letter to the Editor: Dead Day illusion

As the chair of the Institutional Planning Committee and a member of faculty senate, I would like to clear up a misunderstanding within last week’s article concerning the potential for dead day passing away. First and foremost, the recommendation is being made with students in mind. Many students have a number of Friday afternoon and evening finals right before graduation, and we are suggesting a week long finals week in order to minimize and, hopefully, do away with this phenomenon. In addition, giving students the full week should prevent many and probably most students from having multiple final exams on the same day. Yes, faculty members potentially have more to time to grade, but that is not and has never been the primary consideration.


There is a secondary consideration that will allow for the extended Thanksgiving week (as has been voted on by both faculty senate and SGA) while still allowing for a fall break as well as a winter break during spring semester if the suggestion is accepted. When the recommendation was put together, it came first from student input and then faculty input. Though there were students who wanted the dead day for the reasons mentioned in the article, most that I spoke to were willing to give up that day for the additional exam time as well as the potential for an additional in-semester break.


Currently, the recommendation has been remanded to the Academic Scheduling Committee for further review and discussion. We invite all interested parties to make their suggestions and their voices heard with that committee and to the faculty senate. Additionally, we invite representatives from COSA and SGA to review the recommendations and provide their input. Ultimately, our intent is to always provide better support for students and make your VSU a place more conducive to scholarship, growth and community.


Dr. Aubrey R. Fowler III

Assistant Professor of Marketing


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