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ObamaCare: No glitch

Written by: Von Kennedy

The Affordable Care Act website sucks, the law does not.

The perception that the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) website somehow takes away from the law allowing underprivileged Americans who cannot afford health care is truly misleading. Conservative news outlets (not Republicans – there is a difference) have made the ObamaCare website into an example of both the incompetence of the Obama administration and flaws of the law.

In actuality, technical difficulties do not fall on the shoulders of the president but of the I.T. department of the company that designed the site.

The first thing people look for when they need a service performed is what it will cost to get it done. The ObamaCare website was no different.

With a less-than-perfect credit rating for the country, constant revision to the debt ceiling every six months and budget cuts galore, common sense can show that America was fiscally responsible in its decision making when looking for a webmaster.

Glitches and errors occur in all systems even when top dollar is paid, so expect errors when people pay pocket change for quality.

Yes, the designers knew there would be problems with signing up for health care in our country before the website was launched, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be fixed in due time.

In the last two years BlazeView, VSU Hallnet and the VSU website have had major overhauls. Also, the VSU email system has changed more than a model at a fashion show, and there are still data transfers, glitches, errors and other maintenance needed every other Friday from 10 p.m. until 7 a.m.

The Affordable Care Act will substantially enhance the lives of many Americans who cannot pay for a visit to the doctor. My academic advisor, Dr. Pat Miller, broke it down to me this way: “Why do we have public schools? Because the country is better off when our citizens are educated.” She then added that it is the same reason we need the Affordable Care Act – because our country will be better off when everyone is healthy.
A website and its glitches will not change that fact.

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