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Halloween tips and activities

Written by: Von Kennedy

Halloween is not about tricking, treating, smelling feet or getting something good to eat after the age of 18, but it could be.

In college, it marks the second biggest weekend of parties in the fall semester after Homecoming. Let’s all be real.

With that being said, there are a plethora of activities that are going to go down in the name of “fun.” Many parties will involve alcohol, drugs and plenty of peer pressure, but think outside of the box this year and be different on this Halloween night.

Here are some ideas outside of partying like it is 1999:
• Find new activities to fulfill your night and make it memorable like Halloween events in the community. They could be a pleasant surprise. Valdosta hosts a lot of events around the city and in surrounding areas.
• Also for the fans of yesteryear, take it back and actually trick or treat. I’ve actually had an urge to do this myself. I am sure I am not the only one.

If partying is still on your mind, here are things to look out for in order to be safe because the only way to apply common sense is to be reminded that you have it. Remember:
• Friends are key when deciding what to do when you have fun.
• It would not be a smart idea to hang with people you normally do not associate with because they are going to a popular party. More than likely they will not have your back if something happens. Having more instigators than mediators around you is never a good idea. You may turn up, get into a fight and have your lights turned out.
• Have a trusted friend with you. It is important to have a person with you that has your best interest at heart. When embarking on bad decisions, it is best to have someone say “Hey let’s get a cab” or “I think you’ve had too much.”

Halloween in its essence is about fun and meeting new people. Whether it is a neighbor handing out candy, witches telling stories to children downtown, haunted houses on the outskirts of town or having a good time at a party, Happy Halloween, VSU.

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