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State of the Union address Obama talks opportunities

Written by: Stephen Cavallaro

President Obama had a lot to say in his annual State of the Union address Tuesday night.

Obama’s speech has received considerable criticism since its delivery. This outcome isn’t much of a surprise considering the speech was riddled with fabrications, and while many Americans may like the President’s course of action, several of his plans will do anything but ensure our liberties and freedom.

I will analyze just a few topics loosely discussed in the address, but I encourage everyone to review the following articles to receive a broader dismantling of the President’s speech: “Facts of the Union” published by FactCheck.org, and “State of the Union 2014 Fact Check” published by Politico.

Obama said that “In the year…I asked this Congress to raise the minimum wage.” His plan is to raise the minimum wage to $10.10.

Obama claims families will be better off if businesses are forced to pay employees a large wage. Instead, you’ll see a rise in consumer goods and, even worse, a rise in required qualifications for job seekers.

Raising the minimum wage hurts unskilled workers. People who have little to no job experience will have an even tougher fight finding a job than they do now.

These unskilled workers include people who benefit from the availability of low-wage jobs that don’t demand much prior experience. Students pursuing a college degree are already in fear of not being able to find a job after graduation; now they have even more reason to fear. And after all, as stated in the address, “more young people are earning college degrees than ever before.”

According to CNN, 36.7 percent of college graduates are forced to work in jobs that don’t require the use of their degree. But don’t worry about finding a good job after graduation to pay off your astronomical student loans because Obama plans to reinstate unemployment cuts.

Obama also claimed that his administration “has made more loans to small business owners than any other.” This development is great because these businesses are going to need to take out loans in order to payout Obamacare benefits.

According to a Gallup poll conducted in November, 50 percent of small business owners were against raising the minimum wage. Furthermore, a Gallup poll conducted this past summer showed that 48 percent of small business owners felt that Obamacare would be bad for their business, with 39 percent assuming no impact and only 9 percent favoring the plan.

Throughout his speech, Obama referred to opportunity, either as a justification for more Middle Eastern invasion or as a benefit that the government has to offer. Instead, these “opportunities” hold drastic, long-term effects that will undoubtedly affect the future workforce (aspiring students and entrepreneurs) in the coming years.

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