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Letter to the Editor : Cannabis Prohibition

LaMarcus Wilkerson’s story (Lesser of 3 evils, March 13, 2014) got an arrow-splitting bull’s eye exposing cannabis (marijuana) prohibition.  Another reason to end cannabis prohibition that doesn’t get mentioned is that prohibition increases hard-drug addiction rates.

Government claims heroin is no worse than cannabis and methamphetamine and that cocaine is less harmful by insisting cannabis is a Schedule I substance alongside heroin, while methamphetamine and cocaine are only Schedule II substances.

How many citizens tried cannabis and realized it is not nearly as dangerous as claimed and believed other substances must not be either, only to find themselves addicted to hard drugs?  Can the message from cannabis prohibitionists be any worse for vulnerable citizens? 


Stan White


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  1. We can’t remove that fear that marijuana may lead to hard-drugs such as cocaine. That is why marijuana regulation is still very important even if this drug is legalized. The dispensaries for example, should follow the rule that they can’t sell marijuana to just anyone. They have to make sure that the person has the marijuana card and the authorization from his or her primary caregiver.

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