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The GM recall: Compensating tragedy regardless of income

Written by: Jessica Ingram

General Motors has made several grave missteps in recent years, and it’s time for the car manufacturer to accept the consequences for its actions.

Malfunctioning vehicles built by GM have been linked to 13 deaths and numerous accidents, provoking a recent wave of recalls by the company−1.6 million vehicles on Monday and 2.6 million vehicles earlier this year.  Now, GM may avoid lawsuits from victims’ families because of its 2009 bankruptcy.

Even though a lump sum of money will not bring back the lives that were lost, families should be able to sue the giant company. GM allegedly knew about the faulty equipment ten years prior to the 2014 recalls.

The most recent batch of vehicles was recalled because of a faulty ignition that causes the car to cut off while in motion, disabling the air bag, steering, and brakes.

According to NBC News, GM knew about the faulty ignition since 2004. NBC also stated that GM did not recall cars until February 2014 although the company discovered the problems in 2001.

Should GM be held responsible for the 13 deaths caused by its defective vehicles? Absolutely.

 If car makers can ignore faulty equipment and not face penalties, what is stopping them from continuing this practice of negligence?

If there was misconduct on the drivers’ part, GM shouldn’t be held responsible, but in most cases the faulty ignition−not the driver−was to blame.

 GM should be penalized regardless of their bankruptcy because the families affected by the deaths and crashes deserve retribution.

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