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Basketball intramurals close to naming champs

Written by: Victoria Johnson

Icemen and Kappa Alpha competed against each other in a nail-biter during the intramural basketball playoffs on Tuesday.

Kappa Alpha pulled off the 45-41 victory to advance.

Icemen shooting guard, Elliot Yarboro, said that the team was pumped for the game.

“We’ve really been preparing for this game,” Yarboro said. “We weren’t really sure who we were going to be competing against until the day of the game. We try to put all of our efforts and energy into each game because we want to do our best.”

Yarboro is an avid member who joined at the beginning of March; he said his team practices every weekend at the rec center to improve their shooting skills.

Late in the game, Kappa Alpha hit clutch-free throws to tie the game at 42.

Kappa Alpha is unsure who they will be competing against in the championships but are excited to be chosen competitors.

For more information regarding upcoming games, visit imleagues.com.


This article was written by Victoria Johnson. 

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