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Obama’s Five for One Trade

Written By: Jordan Hill 

As proud Americans, we understand the importance of bringing our troops home safely, but is a five for one trade the right way to go?

President Obama released 5 men that were previously engaged in the Taliban from Guantanamo Bay in able to release one American soldier held as a prisoner by the Taliban.

This American soldier, who undoubtedly has courage and passion in defending his country, abandoned his unit, causing fellow soldiers to have mixed emotions about his release. Javier Ortiz, a former combat medic in the Army said “It’s terrible, what he did.” Many hours and lives were lost searching for a soldier that abandoned his unit.

President Obama promoted this event to the public but during the Bush administration, a soldier spent four decades in North Korea after abandoning his post and upon his return to the U.S., he served nearly a month in prison and received no kind of celebratory party.

Obama is more concerned with ending the war and boosting his reputation than allowing citizens to feel safe in this country. He did his best to bring Bergdahl back because he was the last prisoner of war. With these five men back in Afghanistan, who one was assessed as having “high intelligence value” by Guantanamo, it’s not a long shot to say that we could be facing more danger that we bargained for. Oh wait…the President did in fact bargain for that danger.

Not only did Mr. President free five dangerous men, he broke the law, surprise surprise.

The Obama administration explained their reasoning stating:

“With respect to the separate 30-day notification requirement in Section 1035(d), the Administration determined that the notification requirement should be construed not to apply to this unique set of circumstances… delaying the transfer in order to provide the 30-day notice would interfere with the Executive’s performance of two related functions that the Constitution assigns to the President: protecting the lives of Americans abroad and protecting U.S. soldiers…”

Yes President Obama, protect Americans abroad and U.S. soldiers but don’t worry about us folk who are now concerned that another September 11 attack could be on the way.

Soldiers deserve all of the government’s help in coming home safely, but to risk the safety of our country by releasing Taliban leaders is an ignorant decision.

It’s clear what law Obama abides by: It’s better to ask forgiveness than permission


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