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Infamous Murderer Exposed

Written By: Stella Henderson

After 125 years, one of the most notorious serial killers has finally been caught. We’ve all heard of Jack the Ripper, the man that killed at least 5 women around London. Well we now have a name and face to put with this legendary mystery; Aaron Kosminski, a Jewish, Polish-born immigrant who lived in the East End and would have been 23 years old at the time of the murders. The murder was solved by Dr. Jari Louhelainen. He used a technique called “vacuuming” to remove DNA from a stained shawl allegedly belonging to one of the victims, Catherine Eddowes. Two strands of DNA were tested against a descendent of Kosminski’s sister. The first was a 99.2 percent match, while the other strand was a perfect match. We can finally rest easy knowing the mystery has been solved.

Into indie movies? Well here are some films that were showcased at the Toronto International Film Festival and won high claims you should check out. The Imitation Game, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley is about English mathematician and logician, Alan Turing, who help crack the Enigma code during World War II which comes out November 21. I’m sure you all heard of “Clerks” directed by Kevin Smith, well the cult classic director is trying his hands on horror with a film titled “Tusk”. Starting the charming Justin Long, Long plays a freelance reporter going up to Canada to write a quirky story about a man that was rescued by a walrus. However, when Long’s character gets there, things take a turn for the worst. Find out what happens this weekend when it comes out Sept. 19. If you are a Studio Ghibli fan, then you will want to see the last movie they produce. “Tale of Princess Kaguya” is a gorgeous, melancholy take on an old Japanese folk tale done in watercolor-style drawings. The movie is evidence that the studio is in its twilight years, its future uncertain and its most successful days likely behind it, but still a must see for fans.

The Hunger Games trilogy movie is coming closer to its end with “Mockingjay” coming this November. Well Lionsgate has teased us with mini trailers with little to no sight of Katniss, but earlier this week a full trailer came out. In the trailer, we see Katniss speaking to President Snow, caring for her sister, and fighting along side with Gale. The best part is seeing Katniss reaction to seeing Peta alive but not too well. Don’t want to give too much away if you haven’t read the book. Part one to “Mockingjay” is promised to be action-packed and full of emotion. Look forward into seeing it Nov. 21.

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