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Students use site to critique professors

Written By: Tatyana Phelps

Ratemyprofessors.com is one of the most useful resources when it comes to students choosing their classes. For those unfamiliar with the website, it allows students to type in almost any teacher’s name to see how other students rated that professor.

Each teacher’s overall rating (known as overall quality on the website) consists of helpfulness, clarity and easiness. There’s even a rating for teachers’ “hotness” and you can also see the average grade that students typically get in the professor’s class.

Each student who posts a review rates his or her professors’ helpfulness, clarity and easiness on a scale of 1-5. This determines how the teacher is rated—good, average or poor. Students can even anonymously leave comments about professors.

“I like that it has an opinion section where students are able to write their personal review about a professor,” Taylor Grant, junior finance major, said. “The ratings are useful, but the comment section tells me exactly why they choose the rating they did. From that, I am able to make a more informed decision about taking a class from that professor.”

Kristi Williams, an English professor, received an overall quality of 3.8 on the website and her students’ average grade was an “A.”

“[When I was in school] I had to go by word of mouth, so I think it’s really helpful for students if the students are being more open on a website,” Williams said. “And since it’s anonymous, I think it’s easier for students to pick based on their personality style of learning.”

Some of the most recent comments posted about her include, “Ms. Williams was wonderful! She made English class relatable to real life. She grades quickly and you have one on one conferences for the papers, which you pick the topics on. Loved her!” and “Amazing. Got an A.”

The website also offers the option to rate schools in general.

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