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Security force effective, VSU police chief says

Written By: Alex Tostado

Since VSU has hired security guards last semester, there have not been many incidents for them to report.

VSU brought on a team of security guards in the spring to alleviate the danger of recent crimes on campus.

According to Scott Doner, director of the University Police Department, there are two security guards on duty during the evening hours on what he calls, “main campus.”

“(The security guards) come in, report, pick up the radios, go out to the Pedestrian Mall area, or what we call the main square of campus… and patrol that area,” Doner said. “In the course that we have a special event going on, (like) something going on in the Union, they will patrol those areas.”

According to Doner, the extra eyes and ears have reported some suspicious people to the police.

“They have reported suspicious people to us, but as far as serious crime, no,” Doner said. “They have reported suspicious people and hopefully that has prevented some things.”

Some students have voiced their displeasure in the lack of access to the security guards.

“Honestly, no,” Nathan Ragland, freshman mass media major, said when asked if he has seen the security guards at night. “Well, if I can’t see them, they can’t really make a difference in my opinion.”

Doner says that they do not carry weapons with them. The main pieces of equipment are the radios and flashlights.

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