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Education should focus on real life skills

By: Jordan Hill

The Pythagorean theorem, Beowulf and how atoms form are all things students have studied in high school or college, but that information is not helpful when it comes to real life.

Why is it that we’re never taught the things that are actually going to benefit us in the “real world?”

By the time high school students begin college, they will be expected to handle their own finances, pay their own bills and sometimes complete their own taxes.

It’s more important to be able to fill out tax paperwork and know how to apply for a loan or insurance rather than to know information that isn’t useful for everyone.

Information should be applicable to real-life situations. When college students get out into the real world, it is essential for them to be able to handle their information on their own.

These life skills need to be taught at a young age in order to prepare individuals for the “real world.” Students will not be using basic academic knowledge to live their lives. Their parents will not be holding their hands after they graduate.

The U.S. education system needs to focus on what students need to learn for their future in order to survive on their own.


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