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Outage causes issues for on campus station

Written By: Kenzie Kesselring

The short power outage at VSU on Monday night around 7:30 p.m. caused confusion and frustration for students who were on campus during that time.


When The Spectator reached out to Georgia Power, they were unable to specify why VSU experienced a power outage Monday night. However, the Valdosta Daily Times received some information from Georgia Power’s spokesperson, John Kraft.


Kraft told the VDT that there was a brief transmission line outage that affected most of Valdosta and caused a minute long power outage throughout the city.


The type of outage made it difficult for the Georgia Power technicians to determine specific areas that were affected, and they believe the outage could have been caused by a number of reasons. The technicians are still investigating the case to determine the final cause of the outage.


Students living, studying and eating on campus experienced a moment without power as the outage began near Langdale and Georgia Hall, moved down the street lamps to Palms dining center and onto Hopper Hall, and ended at the Student Union and Odum Library.


“When the power went out, it went out in stages,” said Beth Tate, junior mass media major and Hopper Hall resident. “It was like a rolling black out. There were a few laughs, a few screams, some grumbles and a wide set sense of confusion. At most I would call it a small inconvenience.”


However, the outage was not just a small inconvenience for all of VSU’s students.


Blaze FM, Valdosta’s student run radio station, was shut down Monday night after the power outage. The radio station will not be able to continue with their normal business until IT fixes the problems the power outage caused to their equipment.


“The power outage has caused a couple problems, but we at Blaze FM are working hard to solve them, and it will be all good soon,” said a sophomore Blaze FM DJ.

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