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Growing hair to show you care: Movember at VSU

Written By: Alex Tostado

Grover Cleveland in the 1890’s. Charlie Chaplin in the 1930’s. Rollie Fingers in the 1970’s. Magnum P.I. in the 1980’s. These are great mustaches in history.

“Movember” is in the news again. As a play from “No Shave November,” Movemeber has men grow only mustaches instead of simply not shaving in an effort to raise men’s health.

Students can grow mustaches to raise money and awareness for prostate and testicular cancers.

“It’s really a great cause,” John Wright, associate director of student life, said. “A lot of the time, (that 18-24 year old demographic) think they are invincible and they don’t think they need to go get physicals. The highest rate of testicular cancer is found in that demographic.”

Wright held a kickoff for the event at the beginning of November to get students involved.

“We give away items concerning men’s health, like testicular exam cards that guys can put in their showers so they know what they are doing when giving themselves exams,” Wright said.

Female students can participate by helping a male student fundraise.

“A lot of the time, girls feel excluded because they can’t grow a mustache,” Wright said. “The whole cause of Movember is to raise money and awareness for men’s health. Women can do that.”

Although participation isn’t as high as Wright would like, there is still some participation.

“Last year we raised about 500 bucks,” Wright said. “As long as we raise any kind of money, or reach one or a couple of students… that’s a success.”

Wright, who has been doing the event for four years, has lost four uncles to prostate cancer.

“It is something that has hit me personally so it’s something that I really passionate about,” Wright said.


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