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Giving Is Caring

A student’s family is being assisted by the philosophy and religious studies department this month for its loss.

The department is hosting a toy and clothing drive for a previous major’s five children.

Over the summer, the kids’ mother, Sharonda James was killed.

“We don’t want to give out the details (of her death) just for the sake of privacy and out of respect for her family,” Sydney Beckmann, president of the philosophy and religious studies club, said.

Now her children are being cared for by their grandmother.

“The department and club want to honor her and her family by doing something nice for Sharonda’s children and their grandmother, who is now taking care of all five kids,” Beckmann said.

While in school, James was a respectable scholar and pupil.

“She was a very good student and well respected within the department by her fellow students and by her professors,” Beckmann said. “This is why it is so important to us to have the opportunity to help her family in whatever way that we can.”

Those who want to express their sympathy for James’s family can offer charity.

According to Beckmann, clothing and toys can be donated to the department’s office in Ashley Hall for the family this holiday season.

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