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Department heads oversee overrides

Photo Illustration: Kayla Stroud/THE SPECTATOR

Written by Erin Martin, Staff Writer

There has been a subtle change in the override request process, which may make getting an override into classes easier for students this upcoming semester.

Previously, students could e-mail or fill out a form to personally give to their professor. It would then be under the professor’s discretion whether or not the student would be added to the class.

With new updates to the VSU website, students may now go online to fill out the form request.

First, they have to go to the department that their major courses are listed under.

Each override request must filled out through the appropriate college, and then it will go to that department head for confirmation.

“Overrides are now sent to the Department head; they have the authority,” Brian Gerber, vice president of academic affairs, said.

In certain classes, there are very limited seats and therefore, these courses have more overrides than others. When this occurs, there is still a solution.

“They’ll speak to the deans, and if they see that there’s a high demand for a course, they will look into opening another section to accommodate the students,” Gerber said.

In addition to the new update, students can also access the link to online classes available through their specific department, should they need to find other class options. The online courses offered through eCore can be used for credit hours just as you would a normal class.

When the 2016-2017 rolls around and the faculty layoffs come into effect, this leaves some wondering how many overrides each course will have then.

With less professors, less courses and classes will be offered, meaning there will be even less seats in each class, thus more overrides. However, Gerber says that should not present a problem.

“With a decline in student enrollment, we don’t anticipate any changes or disruption,” Gerber said.

Early registration for Spring 2016 lasts until Jan. 2. Students are encouraged to request overrides into courses before that date.

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