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Savoie appointed Dean of Honors College

Dr. Savoie was recently appointed the Dean of the Honors College. Savoie was also a professor in the Mass Media program. (Photo Courtesy: Aldean Starr/THE SPECTATOR)

Written by Aldean Starr, Staff Writer

Recently, VSU and the Honors College took a huge step forward by officially naming longtime Interim Dean Michael Savoie as the Dean of Honors College.

The Honors College gives their honor students the opportunity to take enriched courses and participate in different types of activities. It is designed for different majors and the Honors College places emphasis on creative thinking, research and community service activities. But for almost four years, the Honors College did not officially have a dean.

“It’s a powerful statement Dr. Staton has made because aside from my appointment, to my peers, my colleagues and the other deans, those people are wonderful and they deserve to have that level of stability as well as the VSU community,” Dr. Savoie said.

Before he joined the Honors College staff, Dr. Savoie got his start at VSU as a part of the Mass Media Department. He later joined the Honors College staff, became the interim Dean and held that position for almost four years until this past month.

“I have never really acted as an interim dean, we made sure we moved things forward,” Dr. Savoie said.

The Honors College is trying to expand and find ways to improve the college.

“We will always be connected to research, presentations and getting students to generate excellent scholarship, but we also are looking towards the future in the perspective that by getting experience by doing actual applied work,” Dr. Savoie said.

I like the students tremendously and I am not just talking about honor students. I like being on a college campus; I love seeing young enthusiastic people willing to learn and grow. I don’t want anyone to be fearful that we don’t want to connect with others. It’s not just about being academically advanced, it is about connecting with other people.”


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