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People Poll: Do students plan on attending games?

By virtue of being a VSU student, you can attend any sporting event on campus for free. In recent years, many students haven’t taken advantage of this opportunity. The Spec Sports desk took to campus to see if some of the underclassmen will break the trend.

Nia Parker, Sophomore

“I ran track in high school, so I’m really looking forward to seeing the cross-country team.”

Unique Harris, Freshman

“I plan on attending a lot of sports events.”

Eddy Musgrove, Freshman

“I’m looking forward to attending all of the football games, and I want to see some of the cross country too.”

Kameron Middleton, Freshman

“I plan on attending majority of the football games”

Kristina Monsoon, Freshman

“I really just want to see the football team.”

Lareyna Tory, Sophomore

“I can’t wait to attend all the games this season. Always ready to support.”

All photos and quotes by Tylaise Christopher.

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