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Students discuss Trump’s Twitter post against North Korea

President Donald Trump has been one of the most active presidents on social media, especially on Twitter. Starting in December, Twitter began to enforce and push a new platform against threatening tweets, yet Trump has not been banned after posting tweets threatening a nuclear war.

According to Twitter’s general guidelines and policies, “you may not make specific threats of violence or wish for the serious physical harm, death, or disease of an individual or group of people.”

The threatening tweet posted by Trump was in response to a statement released by North Korea’s Dictator Kim Jong-un.

“Trump’s response was childish and unnecessary,” Jael Stanton, a sophomore chemistry major, said. “He’s treating politics and his presidency like a petty fight on the playground.”

Some students feel that Trump’s tweet was dangerous and unprofessional for a president to post because it represents the United States poorly.

“These threats could potentially be very dangerous because if he upsets the wrong person, all it takes is the push of a button to start World War III,” Payton Gallant, a sophomore psychology major, said.

Twitter executives said that Trump did not essentially violate any rules although many people disagree with what he posted. In the general guidelines and policies, Twitter does not consider acts of war or military attacks behavior that would fall under their ban against the glorification of violence.

Many students didn’t think that it would be possible to ban Trump from Twitter because of his position of power.

“Whether people like it or not, he’s the president,” Keturah Howard, a freshman biology major, anything. said. “It would be stupid to ban him from a social media site because it’s not going to change.”

I agree with my fellow students that banning Trump from Twitter would almost be impossible because he is the most powerful man in America. I also don’t believe banning him would prevent him from saying more harmful statements. Trump is known for not having a filter, and I’m not surprised by what he posted because he is always going to be a wild card. The Twitter situation doesn’t lie in the act of Trump’s post, it lies in Twitter’s allowance of such behavior.

Story by Destini Jones, Asst. Special Projects Editor. Photos courtesy of Twitter and Flickr. 

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