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VSU demolishes Baytree Apartments for master plan

The Baytree Apartments located on Oak Street and Baytree Road across from Jennett Hall are scheduled to be demolished starting the week of Jan. 15.

Becoming property of the state in 1986, Baytree Apartments has been called home by many students, faculty members and visitors up until the Spring of 2017.

So why are they being torn down?

Alan Sanderson, an associate director of Facilities Planning, said “the building was identified as an obsolete, noncontributing space during the recent VSU Master Plan.”

The VSU Facility Master Plan is a compilation of detailed guidelines for the physical development of the campus in order to support academic missions.

More details can be found on the VSU website by searching Administration Planning or using the link below.


Don’t worry about traffic being slowed down on the way to class, though.

“Only the parking lot associated with the building will be affected,” Sanderson said. “It will be offline for a few weeks while demolition is taking place.”

This will not be the first demolition of residential property near campus. The demolition of 410 and 412 Baytree Road was approved in August 2017. Before then, the Nichols House that housed the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity on Baytree was approved for demolition in November 2015.

“The demolition will allow for the future flexibility in planning and usage of this land,” Sanderson said. “There is no approved design plan for the space at this time.”

Written by Hunter Terrell, Social Media Editor.

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