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Editorial: Rekindling the Firepit

A student section is meant to be flamboyant, energizing and most importantly, loyal especially when the team is slapping around competition while in route to inserting their selves in history.

The Blazers are 7-0 and ranked No.7 heading into the homecoming game. They’re arguably the greatest show on DII turf, averaging 50 or more points per game, making them the top scoring offense in the nation.

Even with all the scoring and big wins, the student section continues to get slimmer as the games go by. Also known as the ‘Firepit’, VSU’s student section has been fireless throughout all the team’s success.

It’s apparent that some students aren’t aware of this team’s greatness after going 5-4 last year, but the program has done a full 360 turnaround. Right now, the Blazers have potential to win the national championship and be the first undefeated team in program history.

However, others are aware of this and still don’t attend. This may be because many people don’t understand how much an amped student section benefits the team. It gives them more inspiration to play hard all because their peers are watching and cheering them on.

“It makes a big difference honestly,” Offensive Lineman Preston Langley said. “When we’re in warmups everyone is still tailgating, but it gets us pumped up when we come through the tunnel and we see that it’s packed. It just hypes everyone up and livens the mood.”

Remember in high school how student sections were full of genuine excitement for their teams? Well, the fandom at the Firepit has been the complete opposite. Parents and fans outside of VSU have shown up the Firepit all year, and it’s about time we as students turn this around.

There are three games left on the regular season and two of them are at home. Of course, the homecoming game against North Greenville will have a good turnout, well, it should. But, the West Georgia game is also at home, and that’s the biggest game of the regular season.

West Georgia is No.5 in the nation and the toughest opponent on the Blazers’ schedule. With playoff hopes high, the team is good but to help them stomp out this team a huge student turnout is needed.

“Man, it helps us so much,” Head Coach Kerwin Bell said “They help us win games at home. Especially our students bringing the energy in the stadium, having the tailgate before the game, and parade when we get off the buses, all that’s big for our team, our team loves that. All the students, we need them to really support us here down the stretch.”

The Blazers have one goal in mind: The championship. These last few games are pivotal to reaching their objective. It’s time for us to be the 12th man in this final games and cheer on our team into the playoffs.

The homecoming game is a white-out, so students are encouraged to wear white for the matchup this Saturday, Oct. 20 at 3 p.m.

The season finale against West Georgia is Saturday, Nov.10 at 7 p.m.

See you out there and GO BLAZERS!

This editorial was written by a member of the editorial staff and expresses the general opinion of The Spectator.

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