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VSU's fall 2019 semester saw 205 more students than fall 2018.

Enrollment numbers up from last fall

As of Aug. 28, VSU’s fall semester enrollment is 11,416. This is a 1.9% increase from last fall semester.

The increase is seen in both graduate and undergraduate program levels. This is the first fall increase that VSU has seen in the past three years.

This increase in fall semester may be important to VSU financial status, the more students we have the more tuition VSU is bringing in. That can lead to the expansion of many more programs and activities that VSU has to offer.

Out of the 11,416 (students), 8,713 are undergraduates, and 2,703 are in Graduate programs.

VSU has not put out the enrollment information regarding spring term of 2019.

Past students may be feeling the consequences of VSU’s enrollment increasing this semester, especially regarding the parking crisis. Many students are complaining that there is not enough parking for all the students.

Could this be from the 8.3% increase of Graduate compared to last fall’s students, or the .1% increase in undergraduate students?

Last fall semester the five primary majors for undergraduates were (from most popular to least), biology, nursing, psychology, management and elementary education.

Written by Amelia Sellars, Staff Writer. Photo Courtesy of The Spectator.

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