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Coke: not just for drinking.

Bless that mess: Weird cleaning hacks that work

Cleaning is not an activity people look forward to doing because not only is it time consuming, it can be boring. Most people don’t want to spend an afternoon exerting their energy getting to scrub out grime and trying to get out impossible stains. Using these products can shake things up a bit and make your life easier.

  1. One of the more popular choices in recent memory, Coca-Cola’s highly acidic nature makes it an excellent primer for getting out tough stains like grease and rust. It is excellent for getting grime out of toiletries and eliminating rust from older, pots and pans, hardware tools and even car batteries. It can even get out grease and oil stains out of clothing through direct contact.


  1. Due to its absorbent nature, bread can be used like a sponge for getting marks off the walls, soaking up spills, dusting furniture and general wiping.
Colgate: great for cleaning teeth and floors.
  1. If you have spilled any liquid on hardwood floors, chances are they have become stained over time. Putting a dab of toothpaste (any brand) on a damp cloth gets the water marks right out. Similar to Coke, it can also remove grease and burn marks left on cookware. It also polishes silver.


  1. When some is applied on a soft cloth, vodka can be used as a polisher to make plastic, chrome or porcelain sparkle. It can also get water stains out of the glass part of a shower when its applied on a dryer sheet.


  1. Vinegar is probably the most universal “cleaning” product, because it can be used for almost anything. Does your towel and bathrobe have mildew or have become ratty? Lather them in some vinegar, re-wash them, and their fluffy texture comes back to life. Waxy floor? Mix water and vinegar in a bucket and get to mopping. Unseemly weed? Pour white vinegar on them as a weed killer. Spotty windows? Mix distilled water and vinegar in a bottle and get to spraying? Greasy hair? Use vinegar as a co-wash with your shampoo to perk up the dirt from your head. Whatever cleaning need you have, vinegar usually does the trick.

Written by Malia Thomas, Entertainment Editor. Photos courtesy of Flickr.

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