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Spoiler Alert: “Civil War” is At Valdosta Cinema

The movie, “Civil War” has recently been released in theaters. “Civil War” is written and directed by Alex Garland, and it takes place in a modern-day American civil war setting.  

America is a fractured dystopian country at war with itself and we follow a team of photojournalist Lee Smith played by Kirsten Dunst, Joel played by Wagna Moura, and Jessie played by Cailee Spaeny. 

 The group is trying to travel from New York to Washington DC and as they travel, they run into multiple disturbing, unsettling and scary situations.  

The film shows you various parts of the country in this modern civil war, and from a production standpoint it looks good and makes you feel you are in this destroyed country collapsing on itself.  

From the small little fight scenes to the final act fight, this film also gives light to real life photojournalist who take these pictures and how it can scar them for life. 

The movie also leans on politics, but it’s not a right-wing or left-wing film; it shows how these political parties could lead to a civil war and how we, as people, take it too seriously.  

In the movie the modern civil war has been happening for a while, but it does not shove politics in your face; it shows how America has broken apart and no political race caused this to happen, it was human.  

The only issue with the movie is that the ending was not fulfilling, and it feels like the movie just stops and it just disappoints what could have been a very satisfying ending. 


Written by Zahmir Jordan, Staff Reporter. Photo courtesy of MGN.

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