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People poll: What hot spots/stores need to come to Valdosta?

Jesse Taylor, senior communication major

“I think we need a technology hub that students and young adults in the area can go to. It needs fast Wi-fi and multiple charging ports. Like the game area in the Student Union, but more accessible to Valdosta and open to the public. Having a centralized place would be beneficial to everyone in the community.”

Ikumi Uda, freshmen sociology major

“I would like to see a Japanese-reminiscent convenience store. I want to see one because it’s a great place to get multiple things for affordable prices. You can get books, snacks, and be exposed to other cultural things.”

Nariel Tribble, senior art major

“I would like to see more art stores around Valdosta. It becomes a bit of a hassle to always rely on the bookstore for overpriced art supplies and not being able to find specific supplies from other chains on time. It would definitely reduce stress for many of the students in the art department if we were able to find things easily in Valdosta.”

Kevin Nguyen, physics and astronomy major

“A card shop would be great since the last one closed down. There’s actually a large number of people who play card and board games in Valdosta.”

Written by Jaidenne Braggs, staff writer. Photos courtesy of Jaidenne Braggs.

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