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VSU works to recover the most common crime on campus

VSU Police Department has a method they encourage all students to take advantage of that will help handle the most common crime on campus, petty theft. Administrative Sergeant-State Certification Manager, Heidi Browning, said petty theft is the most common crime on campus and consists of students stealing items such as laptops, phones, game systems or anything of similar value. VSUPD ...

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How a Valdosta State university professor is making a change with virtual reality

Virtual reality was initially created for a more immersive video game experience, but people like Dr. Bobbie Ticknor have found a way to innovate it for more beneficial purposes. Doctor Ticknor has been an associate professor at Valdosta State University for six years, specializing in anthropology, sociology and criminal justice. Dr. Ticknor always believed she possessed the qualities of a ...

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Crime Report: Trends decrease from October

Valdosta State’s crime rate for November is still seemingly low compared to the whole month of October’s thirty-six reports. Other than several drug law violations, Valdosta State’s crime cache still seems to be keeping the trend of larceny with full force, with students reporting missing wallets, purses and other miscellaneous items. On Nov. 5, two students were arrested for Misdemeanor ...

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Crime Report: Aggravated assault, burglary decrease from 2016

Valdosta State’s crime on campus is nowhere near being obsolete, but in the first week of November, it seems to be slowing down compared to last month. With the fall coming in, you can snuggle up inside and read the resources the Valdosta State Police provides for students. The Annual Security and Fire Safety Report provides students with information on ...

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Crime Report: Larceny continues on campus

Valdosta State’s crime is following the same trend. Most of the crime reports from on campus have been attempts of larceny. Larceny is a crime involving the taking of property from another business or person. Many of these acts of larceny involve the breaking into and stealing of personal items from the vehicles around campus. On Oct. 15, a VSU ...

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Crime Report: Residence halls high crime areas

Is Valdosta State’s crime following a pattern? Most of VSU’s crime reports consist of drug law violations involved with marijuana, leading to an arrest by Valdosta State police. There have been three cases of drug law violations since Oct. 12. That were three arrests of Valdosta State students in the past nine days. Many of these arrests are coming from ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!