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Crime Report: Trends decrease from October

Valdosta State’s crime rate for November is still seemingly low compared to the whole month of October’s thirty-six reports.

Other than several drug law violations, Valdosta State’s crime cache still seems to be keeping the trend of larceny with full force, with students reporting missing wallets, purses and other miscellaneous items.

On Nov. 5, two students were arrested for Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana after contraband was found during a room safety inspection in Centennial.

The past drug law violation reports have been coming from around the same areas on campus. Most are on Sustella Deck, Langdale Hall, Georgia Hall and Centennial Hall.

On Nov. 12 another student was arrested for Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana while driving on North Oak Street.

As stated in the annual security and fire safety report, A federal law requires that Valdosta State must make sure that all faculty, staff, and students know that:

“Valdosta State University prohibits the unlawful possession, use, manufacture or distribution of alcohol or controlled substances by students, faculty, staff, and guests in buildings, facilities, grounds or property controlled by the University or used as part of University activities.”

Valdosta State does abide by Georgia’s 9-1-1 medical amnesty law, which means that any person who in good faith seeks medical assistance for a person experiencing or believed to be experiencing a drug overdose or any person who is experiencing a drug overdose themselves shall not be arrested, charged, or prosecuted for a drug violation if the evidence for the arrest, charge, or prosecution of such drug violation resulted solely from seeking such medical assistance.          

You can see the daily crime and fire reports by going to the VSU homepage and typing in the search tab in the top right “daily crime and fire report”. On that page you can also anonymously report a crime or any suspicious behavior to the police.

Written by Amelia Sellars, Staff Writer.

For more campus crime, click here.

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