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Activities that will maintain your mental health while social distancing

You’ve probably already lost your job, social life and basic essentials such as toilet paper and disinfectants. Don’t lose your mind too. Unless you have been living under a rock since February, people are desperate for some type of social interaction. Thanks to COVID-19, people have been forced to practice social distancing, limiting them from physical and close interactions. There ...

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Last Minute, Cheap, DIY Halloween Costumes

It’s almost Halloween, and it’s time to dress up!But wait, you’re in college, which means that you are most likely broke. You want to dress up, but your bank account screams no. Well, here are a few cheap, fun and easy Halloween costumes you can create. 1) When Life Gives You Lemons You will need yellow clothing. This can be ...

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Valdosta DIY House welcomes all performers

Many performers in Valdosta aren’t able to find places where they can showcase their talents, but one up and coming place is trying to change that. The Valdosta DIY House is a little hidden house space where bands, artists, poets and other performers are welcome to showcase their interpretation of art. The Valdosta DIY House was established in 2019 and ...

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Five DIY beauty products you can make at home

Egg White Face Mask Recipe by Lindy Ng on Youtube Egg whites have benefits that include shrinking pores and tightening the skin. It brightens the skin by removing dead skin cells and can prevent wrinkles by firming the face. Adding lemon juice to the egg whites will help brighten the skin further. What you need: 1 egg Half a lemon ...

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How to throw a last-minute Halloween party

So, it’s a few days before Halloween and you have just came up with the brilliant idea to throw a last minute Halloween party. But you have no idea what you need, how to decorate, and you’re low on cash and time. How will you do it? Well here’s your answer, and with these tips you will wow yourself and your guests ...

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