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DIY projects are a welcome distraction and a great way to spend time with family.

Activities that will maintain your mental health while social distancing

You’ve probably already lost your job, social life and basic essentials such as toilet paper and disinfectants. Don’t lose your mind too.

Unless you have been living under a rock since February, people are desperate for some type of social interaction. Thanks to COVID-19, people have been forced to practice social distancing, limiting them from physical and close interactions.

There are many ways to stay sane during this isolation. Some people are hosting group FaceTime parties where all of your friends are on a call and you all pretend to be having a party. Group FaceTime calls help you stay close to your friend group without actually being around them. Communicating and seeing your friends will strengthen your support group, which is desperately needed during these difficult times.

Movie nights are also a fun way to stay entertained. You and your family members could take a poll that will decide what movie to watch, make finger food snacks like popcorn and enjoy a film on Netflix or Hulu. You could even spice up movie night by creating a game from scenes in the movie. To ensure that everyone is engaged in the film, you could create trivia questions to ask once the movie is over and whoever gets the most correct answers wins a prize, like not having to make the next grocery run.

Some people have found painting as a great way to pass time during the quarantine. You could order some blank canvases or outlines of paintings and create a masterpiece. This allows you to be creative and free. This can also be a form of relaxation and a way to take your mind off what’s happening in the world for a brief moment.

Everyone is different and what may keep you entertained may not do the same for others. The real secret to staying sane during quarantine is to find something your passionate about and perfect it.

Want to re-vamp your wardrobe into an aesthetic? Do it. Want to redecorate your bedroom? The sky’s the limit. You can even make it a family DIY project if you’re staying with family.

Want to try a different look? Now’s the perfect time, and even if you feel it doesn’t work for you, there will be no one around to see.

Brush up on some skills you may be good at like writing, editing, dancing or singing. If you have a business or venture you want to promote, now is the perfect time to do it with everyone bored and on social media.

Putting your energy and time into your passions will keep you occupied, productive and it may even make you a profit. Take advantage of this quarantine. look at it as an opportunity for you to focus on the things you truly love and are passionate about.

Written by Breannia Stillwell, staff writer. Photo courtesy of PickPik.

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