25 September

Tobacco Use Gets The Backburner

Written By: Isaiah Smart The ability to enjoy tobacco products at free will is going up in smoke on Oct. 1.   After a decision from the USG Board of Regents was passed this spring to make all campuses in the system tobacco-free, the time has finally come to go into effect. The policy is […]

06 March

Academy Awards spark Twitter outrage

Written by: Isaiah Smart High-energy tweets full of government scandal and angry Oscar reactions fueled timelines in the last week. The popular ABC show Scandal returned to the spotlight Thursday after a two-month hiatus and picked right back up where it left off. With Sally looking to resign, the team scrambled to find a potential […]

06 March

Being the change you seek

Written by: Isaiah Smart Silent protests, marches and peaceful gatherings have re-emerged as the precursor to thousand of injuries and months of political unrest.  All over the world, citizens have taken it upon themselves to change the environment they live in and make a difference. In the last year alone, citizens from numerous nations have […]

27 February

Hill Harper excites VSU crowd

Written by: Isaiah Smart   Hundreds of eyes gazed in a hypnotic state as Hill Harper captivated the attention of anyone near the Student Union ballrooms Tuesday during the VSU event titled “Celebrating 50 Years.” The Harvard Law graduate served as the keynote speaker of the 50 Years of Integration committee’s biggest event of the […]

13 February

White gets dethroned in Sochi

Written by: Isaiah Smart This week, television is running cold.  Entranced fans of the cold-skin, death-walker infested show “The Walking Dead” were revitalized on Sunday for the mid-season premiere of its fourth season. The zombie apocalypse continued on AMC at 10 p.m., wrenching viewers through a winding rollercoaster ride of disappointing decisions, victorious zombie beheadings […]

13 February

Tragedy should pull us together

Written by: Isaiah Smart The safety of my peers is wavering and it makes me uneasy.  In the recent years, students−my fellow fellow Blazers−have faded from our presence, and the mental stress is gaining momentum.  With the car accident from the past week to the unfortunate loss of Marcus Holmes last semester as well as […]

06 February

Nostalgia sparked by Visitation Day

Written by: Isaiah Smart A light breeze brushed across my graphic T-shirt, the sunrays tugging at my basketball shorts and the Spanish architecture welcoming me to the university I’d call home for the next four years. Welcome to Valdosta State University. My first time visiting the VSU campus was during orientation. I did not visit […]

06 February

Finding support for life support

Written by: Isaiah Smart Americans have recently been enveloped in fierce debate over a matter of life and death−forced life, that is.  When, if ever, is pulling the plug on life support the right thing to do?  In November, Marlise Muñoz, a Texan resident expecting a baby, was deemed brain dead after her husband Erick […]

30 January

Pharrell’s cap outshines Lamar’s rap

Written by: Isaiah Smart Oscars and Grammys and snubs, oh my! With the release of the awards nominations, the Oscar buzz has begun. This year, the Oscars will honor the 75th anniversary of “The Wizard of Oz,” which was nominated for Best Picture in 1939. There are nine nominations for the coveted Best Picture category: […]