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Gun debate makes advances staff writers dispute issue if guns on college campuses


Written by: Stephen Cavallaro

With civility being at an all-time low in America, you may not want to leave your safety in the hands of law enforcement, especially when cops are not legally bound to protect you and former lawmen are gunning down fathers in movie theaters.

Keeping yourself armed with the proper knowledge and machinery does not make you a mass-murderer, nor does a city full of equipped citizens transform the area into a disaster zone. Instead, the greater the presence of guns owned by the masses, the potential for gun violence is less likely to exist.

Recently, the issue of guns on campus has been sweeping universities across the nation. Prominent protests have hit Florida, where gun legislation at the University of Florida and the University of South Florida is becoming less stringent.

Florida is known for possessing lenient gun laws and is a prime example of the presence of guns acting as a deterrent to violence. In fact, more guns leads to less violence, a topic I have discussed previously in “safety, it’s not on the menu.”

In 1982, Kennesaw, Ga., passed a law mandating all heads of households to possess a gun. Public opinion considered the law a gateway to intense gun violence, but in reality, gun violence in the city fell drastically. Kennesaw is considered one of the most “pro-gun” cities in America. According to the city website, from 2010-2012, Kennesaw was murder free.

If I were a gun-slinging vigilante, VSU would be a prime target for my exertions due to the fact that firearms are banned across campus and my prerogative is to disobey the law. However, if students with concealed weapons were permitted to carry guns, I would think twice before pulling my gun or knife out, or before exposing myself, because who knows who may be armed and ready to protect themselves and their fellow peers.

So, if ordinary citizens are legally possessing guns on campus or throughout the streets of the community, you know your safety is ensured.



Written by: Isaiah Smart

With the start of another work-intensive spring semester, we continue conversation on a controversial topic from last semester: Should guns be allowed on campus?

I side with the negative. I do not feel as though guns on campus are a safe alternative for our students, faculty and staff. Although my counterparts in this debate will note the past occurrences of school shootings and the need for self-defense, I do not see much psychological security.

 If students were allowed to carry guns on campus, then some students wouldn’t feel safe because any person at any time or place could be a deranged gunman or gunwoman. I do not think that there is a safe and full-proof method of keeping up with a system for guns on campus. I am sure that some students would sneak their gun on campus, omitting whatever license or permit is granted by the university or finding some type of loophole, as done with other policies.

 Unfortunately, my peers are already experiencing the underhanded acts. I was recently made aware by a student of a visit to the Recreation Center this past weekend, during which a gun was snuck into the building. Luckily, no one was injured and only a few people noticed.

 Scenarios like this are sticky and could lead to negative results. I honestly do not see the point of having guns on campus. Despite having a few high-risk crimes on campus lately, VSU still has low crime rates overall.

 However, I still want to know about the stabber from last semester. Was he/she found? Is this an ongoing investigation? Does anyone care?

If we simply respect one another, that in itself will reduce the risk of triggering dangerous encounters. By all means, I believe we have the right to defend ourselves, but I am not going to risk my comfort in the classroom for my beautiful campus to become a dormant gun range.


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