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ASC for a PAL at VSU’s Tutoring Center

If after spending a lot of time navigating through the confusing halls of Nevins you realize that you need even more time to figure out just what your professor was even talking about during class, the best place to turn to is the Academic Support Center. Located on the second floor of Odum Library, the Academic Support Center is an ...

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“Crisis in the Humanities”: What’s going to Happen to the Philosophy and Religious Studies Department?

Effective on July 1, the philosophy and religious studies department will no longer be its own separate department and will instead be merged in with the history department. As a result of the upcoming retirement of Dr. Fred Downing, the Department Head of Philosophy and Religious Studies, it has been decided that at the end of the summer semester, students ...

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Hit or miss: Oscars 2022 edition

Last Sunday night on March 27, celebrities gathered at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles to attend the Oscars award show and hit the Red Carpet in their most elegant, bold and aesthetic gowns. While the most memorable moment to occur at the Oscars this year was Will Smith slapping Chris Rock before being awarded his first Oscar, many celebrities ...

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Gas Prices Are Rising: Blame it on the Pandemic

Gas prices at Murphy Express on Inner Perimeter set at $4.19

Gas prices in Valdosta, Georgia have been increasing as a result of the fluctuating supply and demand for oil since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic with the addition of the effects of Russia’s War on Ukraine. Valdosta locals and VSU students have all been paying the price to drive. However, gas is not the only resource that has been ...

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Annual Azalea Festival Comes Back to Valdosta

The 22nd Annual Valdosta-Lowndes Azalea Festival will be making its comeback at Drexel Park this upcoming weekend from March 12-13 to share and celebrate the culture of South Georgia. The Annual Azalea Festival is a community event where people from all over are invited to support local businesses and enjoy the festivities that the region has to offer. The festival ...

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‘The Wolves’: differences do not change sisterhood

On Feb. 24, VSU’s Theatre showcased Sarah DeLappe’s “The Wolves” where it followed a group of teenage girls as they prepare for their weekly Saturday soccer game, while also attempting to navigate through their adolescents from differing paths. “The Wolves” touches on arguments about whether a man of old age should still be imprisoned for life, if it Is okay ...

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VSU revises two university-wide policies

Students and faculty have been informed by an email sent from the policy administration at Jan. 25 of the modifications made on the anti-harassment and non-discrimination policies. These policies included adding gender identity and expression and other groups of individuals and changing the binary and non-inclusive wording. The policy changes included the additional categories of individuals that were not mentioned ...

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Fraternity Has “The Sex Talk” That Every Student Needs to Hear

On Wednesday night, Jan 26, the Sigma Iota Chapter of the Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity hosts a panel discussion called Let’s Have the Sex Talk, which touched on various topics involving sexuality, gender identification and mental and sexual health About 30 students attended the event and participated in the discussion, sharing their own experiences about how they came into their ...

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Is TikTok affecting this generation’s music industry?

TikTok has become one of the most popular apps in recent years since its release in 2016, and it has already made its impact within the music industry through helping underground artist gain more attention and getting their songs to trend world-wide. TikTok’s number of downloads has increased rapidly since its release. Many users have been entertained by the countless ...

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