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VSU hosts Blazer Ball for Valentine’s Day

On Friday, Feb. 10, VSU hosted their annual Blazer Ball at 7 p.m. in the Student Union ballrooms. The event was in celebration of Valentine’s Day and served as an on-campus way to celebrate for those who would be unable or unwilling to leave campus to celebrate the holiday. Guests were told to dress in semi-formal to formal clothing, and ...

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The perfect gift for your Valentine based on love language

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, everyone is scrambling to get their partner a gift for the holiday, but sometimes, those partners need a little help thinking outside of the box for a present. Here’s the solution: three types of gifts, all personalized for different love languages. For the people who enjoy quality time, an activity that requires or encourages ...

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People poll: What was your sweetest Valentine’s Day ever?

“A guy got me a giant card that was just really heartfelt, and I got some flowers.” “When I was back in high school, either my junior or senior year, my friend and I had gotten together about a month beforehand. We spent a really wonderful Valentine’s day together. We had dinner, a movie, and we had a nice walk ...

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What are your Valentine’s Day plans?

“I’m going to stay home with my single friends and watch romance movies,” Brianna Todd, a junior health sciences major, said. “I also am taking the day to study.” “I will be participating in the Women’s Appreciation Dinner hosted by Collegiate Men,” Kevin Cambronne, a junior accounting major, said. “We are honoring women and treating them how they are supposed ...

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Show love year round, not just Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day, one of the more popular holidays, is literally around the corner. Bouquets of roses, oversized stuffed animals and chocolate hearts will be gifted around the world, but why do we need a specific day to show someone appreciation? “I love Valentine’s Day,” Bethani Overton, a junior art major, said. “I think it just holds special sentimental value in ...

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People Poll: What are your Valentine’s Day plans?

“Just same as any other day. Maybe prepare for some exams,” Juhun Kim, a sophomore and international business major, said. “I don’t have any. I don’t have a Valentine,” Devin Clements, a senior computer information systems major, said. “I don’t know. I will probably go out with my boyfriend and we’ll just watch a movie and relax,” Natalie Dowdell, a ...

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