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‘Zombieland’ is a must see

Amy Johstono
Staff Writer

 It’s his loner personality and long list of phobias and zombie survival rules that keeps nerdy Columbus alive during the world’s transformation from Earth to Zombieland.
 When a disease that started with a cheeseburger spreads through humanity, Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) and trigger-happy Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) find themselves alone in a zombie-filled world and are trying to find their way to the East Coast in hopes that they’ll find a zombie free town or at least some more people, in Columbia Pictures latest comedy corpse fest, “Zombieland.” When the pair is hijacked by sisters Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin)  they end up going in the opposite direction, to another rumored-to-be-zombie-free location, Pacific Playland, played by Valdosta’s own Wild Adventures.
 Eisenberg embodies the role of the geeky phobia-obsessed Columbus. With a character like the macho, gun-wielding,Tallahassee, Harrelson could have easily taken it over the top, but he offers the right amount of testosterone to balance out, but not overpower, the timid Columbus that Eisenberg plays. The only one that could have improved was Stone. It may have been that she didn’t have any memorable lines, but Stone’s acting seemed to be slightly lacking compared to the rest of the cast.
   “Zombieland,” directed by Ruben Fleischer, definitely fulfilled its role as a comedy. From pop culture references to slap-stick humor, it keeps you laughing from the opening credits to the closing credits. When Tallahassee and Columbus find an abandoned Hostess truck, it leads Tallahassee on a search for the last Twinkie, a comical subplot that comes up throughout the movie.
 It did, however, seem to be more of a comedy than a horror film.”Zombieland” is kind of tame compared to most horror films. It had tons of crazed, fast-paced zombies, but was lacking in the number of nail-biting moments and doesn’t really make you jump out of your seat. But don’t let this scare you; even though the movie seemed to be 70% comedy and 30% horror, the zombies are gruesome and the images are gory, trumping other zombie films like, “28 Days Later” and “Shaun of the Dead.” Skulls are smashed, bones are cracked, and blood is everywhere.
 “Zombieland” is a must see, after all, it was partially filmed in Valdosta. Just remember, if you don’t like too much blood and guts, you might want to cover your eyes sometimes. If you stay past the credits, you even get an extra five-second clip.

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