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Jessie’s has good eats and treats

This week I was short one Taster, but I still headed downtown to Jessie’s Eats and Treats on 111 West Central Ave.

                The atmosphere of this place was nice. There were mirrors all over the wall and it had a really young kind of feel. It had your basic whiteboard menu with café style tables and chairs. I also liked the shirts they had hanging up and even thought about buying one.

                The service was mediocre. The woman that served me kind of seemed annoyed I was there, but that may be because I came in 30 minutes before closing. She also forgot the dessert portion of my order.

                The food was great. I had a buffalo chicken wrap with a fruit cup and then an almond white chocolate cookie. It was spicy buffalo chicken with blue cheese dressing with lettuce and tomato wrapped up in a tortilla. Apparently the wraps are the most popular item here and I can see why. The chicken was just the right temperature and there was a good portion of blue cheese without making the wrap soggy. The fruit was very fresh and cut up into tiny pieces to make them easier to eat. The cookie was OK. It was just white chocolate with some almonds in it. All together with a drink I spent about $10.

                Prices are pretty average. You can get a meal for about $5-8  depending on what you get. Also you can buy cakes for $35.

                This week I’m giving Jessie’s Eats and Treats a four out of five.

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