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Kickin’ it Old School a hit

Laughs and cheers were heard in Powell Hall as the Campus Activities Board sponsored a talent show with an 80’s and 90’s theme at 8 p.m. yesterday. This event was one of many events that CAB Comedy has hosted this year.

Kickin’ it Old School” was the main theme for this event, which was basically a talent show based “off old school themes” of the 80’s and 90’s. Many of the participants could come in 80’s and 90’s attire or just come as they were. Throughout the talent show there were different things going on such as a “Tootsie Roll” contest and even a best dressed in the “old school” attire. Some of things the participants did range from break dancing, to singing a cappella, to even free styling their own words.

Brandon Joyner, senior athletic training major went first and busted a lot of moves during his break dance performance. Others such as Donavon Campbell, a freshman and musical performance, major sang with a guitar accompaniment to Usher’s “Make you Wanna.” Lori Harriston, a sophomore English major, entertained the crowd with her rendition Jasmine Sullivan’s “I’m in Love With Another Man.” Marlo Munn, a senior mass media major, rapped and ang some of his own freestyles.

First place received an iPod Touch and second and third place received an iPod Shuffle. The crowd went wild and seemed to enjoy every bit of the show.

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