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Alumni survey positive

Mac Banks graduated two years ago with a degree in mass media, broadcast journalism and is currently working and waiting to find a career.
 Four months after graduating Banks received an unpaid internship doing video editing for seven months. Because it was unpaid Banks left and continued working with the job he had in college which is not in his major, as a shift supervisor for Starbucks making $20-40,000 a year. “A paid job is better than no job,” said Banks.
 Because of the current state of the economy, finding a job is harder than before. Strategic Research and Analysis conducted a survey of alumni who were one year out and those that were five years out. The survey showed job statuses of the alumni and their opinions on how VSU helped their careers.
 According to the survey, 56 percent of one year-out alumni who responded to the survey were able to get a job within two months of graduating. 55% had an annual full-time salary between $20,0001 and $40,000.
  65% of five years-out alumni who responded to the survey were able to get a job within two months of graduating.  46% had an annual full-time salary between $40,0001 and $70,000.
22% of one year out alumni have a full-time job and 60.5% have a part-time job. 30% of five years out alumni have a full-time job and 58.3% have a part-time job.
Around 90% of all alumni polled said that they believed VSU prepared them for their career choices and value the education that VSU provided. Over 90% would recommend VSU to others and are proud to be a VSU graduate.
Kelly Asbel, who graduated five years ago from VSU as a marketing major, is coming back to VSU for graduate school after five years in the work force.
Asbel has lived in Valdosta for 14 years and originally went to the University of Georgia. But after getting sick, she returned to Valdosta and finished school at Valdosta State University, and doesn’t regret her decision to go to VSU.
“I love the student-to-teacher ratio,” said Asbel. “It’s fantastic; it’s why I choose VSU.”
After graduating from VSU, A sbel landed a job in Tampa, Florida as a marketing consultant for Black Crow Media. The pay fluctuated with her highest pay being $37,000, but because of the poor economy, it dropped to $26,000.
“My thoughts after graduating were to go outside my field for a year to gain experience and I fell in love with my job at Black Crow Media,” said Asbel,”I think VSU fully prepared me for my job, and walking in I definitely had more training and knowledge than anyone off the street.”

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