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Marble Slab delivers but only for a price

This week we went down to right across from the movie theater for a little treat. WE went to the Marble Slab on Baytree.
The atmosphere inside was pretty good. The decoration is pretty average for an ice cream place. What really makes the place fun to go to is they make up your ice cream in front of you. They put it on a big iced marble slab, hence the name of the place, and use metal spatulas to add any toppings and mush them into the ice cream. There are a wide variety of toppings from bubble gum balls to Whoppers.
The price is pretty up there. Only go to the Marble Slab for a treat maybe twice a semester because you will be paying a pretty penny for dessert. And be careful with those toppings, each additional topping you add costs 69 cents each. For a normal ice cream run I would stick to going to Langdale Market.
Ashley had the Cake and Cookie dish in a dipped waffle bowl. It was cookie dough and cake flavored ice cream with Oreo cookies crushed in to the mix. The ice cream was really good. It was creamy and not icy or hard. There were huge chunks of dough in the ice cream and the Oreo cookies really added to the dish. For this ice cream treat, she spent about $7.25.
Molly had a plain waffle bowl with the Swedish chocolate ice cream. The Swedish chocolate ice cream tasted awfully like just regular chocolate ice cream and was not very special.  She thought that if she had got a mixin’ it might have made the ice cream more enjoyable, but she didn’t feel like spending the extra 69 cents. The waffle bowl itself was tasty. Overall the ice cream was pretty normal and Marble Slab had a good atmosphere but without any mixings it didn’t seem worth the $6 paid for it.
For good atmosphere, great ice cream, but way high prices we are giving Marble Slab a four and a half out of five.

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