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Miley disses ‘New Moon’, and Spencer acts like a loon

The “Twilight Saga: New Moon” comes out Friday! If you haven’t already gotten your tickets, then you might be out of luck in seeing it this weekend. The theaters, I’m sure, will be packed all over the country with crazed “Twilight” fans rooting for Team Edward or Team Jacob.
However, Miley Cyrus announced that she will be one less Twiheart fan in line for “New Moon.” She says she hates anything related to vampires and just doesn’t get why people are going crazy over the bloodsucking characters. I think someone may have tanked an audition.
Well, the show must go on with or without Miley. The “New Moon” cast got all dolled up for the Los Angeles premiere on Monday. The place was filled with screaming Twihard fans who camped out there for close to four days just to get a glimpse of the always cute Kristen Stewart (Bella), the hot Robert Pattinson (Edward), and the sexy Taylor Lautner (Jacob.)
The CMAs (Country Music Awards) last Wed. went a bit overboard with the Taylor Swift and Kanye jokes. The entire show was like the “Taylor Swift Show” as everyone wanted to praise Taylor and bash Kanye West for the infamous MTV VMAs fiasco. They took it from beginning to end with random cracks at Kanye from presenters, and songs sung by the hosts Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of Taylor Swift and hated what Kanye West did to her at the VMAs, but come on people it was months ago, get over it! Plus I always thought the CMA stars had so much more class than that; I guess I was wrong.
Spencer Pratt has always been sort of an egotistical jerk, but this time he takes the cake. After a cancellation of an interview with the two “Hills” stars, Heidi and Spencer, on “The Today Show,” Spencer went a little nuts and took it very personally.
Spencer Tweeted Monday about the host Al Roker, with insult after insult about his weight, appearance and his kids. One of them read, “Weatherman I thought you were out of town today getting your stomach stapled again?” Grow up Spencer!
Rod Stewart is being sued for $3.3 million in fees he owes for unpaid bills. Part of that still renders from the time he cancelled at the last minute a show he was supposed to perform in Vegas in Dec. 2000; that bill alone was $2 million. I guess Stewart just thought he was too good for paying his bills.
That’s all the Hollywood gossip I have for you now, but check back on Dec. 3 for my very last “Pop Addict.” Until then Blazers, go and chow down on some turkey and get some much needed time away from school. Be safe!

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