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Virus attacks through jump drives

VSU Internet Technology has installed a patch on all university computers to block viruses from transferring to and from jump drives.
In the end of October, there were reports that a virus was being transferred through jump drives among all university computers.
The virus shows up as an unusual file on the jump drive and can transfer to any computer into which it is plugged.
If the computer freezes or restarts after the jump drive is inserted into the computer, or if an anti-virus prompt pops up after the jump drive is plugged in, the virus has probably transferred from the jump drive to the computer.
“The worst [the virus] does is make a computer reboot constantly,” said Sterlin Sanders, IT Service Center Coordinator. “It’s only serious if the computer ‘blue screens’ or continuously shuts down.”
The virus only infects computers using Windows. Those using other operating systems—Mac or Linux—are safe.
The virus can be transferred from an infected computer to anything that can function as a jump drive, including MP3 players and phones that transfer music or photos from the computer to the device.
“Anything that plugs into a USB port can potentially be infected,” Sanders said.
The virus spreads using the autoplay program on a computer, which immediately recognizes and begins to open jump drive files on a computer. The easiest way to prevent getting the virus is to disable the “auto execute,” Sanders said.
The IT Helpdesk can assist anyone who thinks they may have the virus on their jump drives or computers. You can stop by the Helpdesk in Odum Library or visit their website at www.valdosta.edu/helpdesk. The website offers a step-by-step video tutorial to help you disable the autoplay program.
VSU Tech Shop hasn’t seen this kind of problem with jump drives before, but has seen an influx in the number of jump drives coming in with the infection. Some attempts to rid the jump drives of the virus have been successful, while others have been unsuccessful, according to store manager Jed Brogden.
The Tech Shop has temporarily shut down their service department because the employees are preparing for the shop’s move to the University Union. When they open again in January, they will also be selling jump drives with anti-virus software to help prevent these kinds of problems in the future, said Brogden.

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