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Schloss addresses student fee

VSU President Patrick J. Schloss addressed university issues that have been going on over the past few weeks and answered student questions at this past Monday’s “Lunch with the President” meeting hosted by the Spectator.
Dr. Schloss answered questions about recent student fee increases and incidents involving some VSU students.
With the recent $100 fee increase by the Board of Regents, students have had concerns about fees increasing slowly over the past few semesters.
“I certainly hope that we’ve hit the bottom of the economic cycle; unfortunately there’s no indication in the state of Georgia that we have hit the bottom,” Dr. Schloss said. “The fees trouble me greatly. The students, they are our patrons, they are our admission and to disadvantage our students bothers me a great deal.”
On Nov. 22 some VSU students were involved in an altercation at Sigma Nu frat house. Because the incident happened before the Thanksgiving break, the students involved were not identified.
Dr. Schloss expressed how he felt about the recent incident.
“A handful of students get into a fight, a handful of students caused the police to come out and leave the impression that Greek life at Valdosta State is not wholesome, is not positive,” Schloss said. “The fact is that there were 300 well behaved, socially appropriate people at that party.”
With the semester coming to an end, Dr. Schloss shared how he felt about the university’s progress over the past months.
“I think that under these circumstances, we’ve had a good semester,” Dr. Schloss said. “The circumstances are so tough, we’ve loss $15 million from our budget.”
“Students have suffered the increased fees, faculty, the furloughs, [and] we’ve had to add large section classes,” Dr. Schloss said. “[And] yet I don’t think we have degraded substantially the quality of a Valdosta education. I believe we’re as strong as we’ve ever been, and we’re going to get stronger.”
VSU sophomore Eleanor Paschal asked Schloss via email about the ongoing construction and the frustrations that it has been causing students.
“In five years people will be saying, imagine the school without the Union,” Dr. Schloss said. “Every new building is a new opportunity.”

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