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Rants and Raves: January 21, 2010


Student Union restaurants have slow service:  

The Student Union hired a lot of student workers and a lot of staff to supply the Union but the service is very slow; especially in the middle of the day. You might find yourself waiting up to 30-45 minutes for your hamburger or pizza from The Loop. They might need just a little more staff so everyone can really enjoy the Student Union experience!

Brittany Briscoe- staff writer
Three milkshakes and a broken heart:

       While I recognize that creating a milkshake is an intense process of which I do not know any of the intricacies, I cannot believe that the highly-trained individuals at the Loop would fail to prepare a milkshake to order  not once, not twice, not even thrice. Yes, that’s right, it took me three tries to not get a Butterfinger milkshake. Instead, they gave me two chocolate and one strawberry milkshake. I left the Loop with three milkshakes, none of which contained so much as a hint of the peanut-buttery goodness that I came for. Nobody let me lay a finger on my Butterfinger milkshake 🙁

Francesca Zagami- multimedia editor


But the food is worth the wait:

The New Student Union is the “biggest and baddest” building on campus. It is beautifully made and magnificently put together. The Student Union is the new hang-out spot and the best place to eat a big variety of food; and the food tastes great! The Student Union is the place to be!

Brittany Briscoe- staff writer

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