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SGA approves $825 for Delta Sigma Theta

The voting process was messy at SGA’s meeting on Monday. However, SGA approved $825 for an upcoming Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. laser tag event.
Also on the agenda were smoking on campus, SGA elections and Student Union food prices.
Jasmine Peterson and Candace Atchison, representatives from Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, presented the organization’s request for funds for a laser tag event to be held Feb.24.
The sorority requested either $1,650 to cover the entire event or $825 for half.
Initially, quorum caused the senate not to vote. However, after senate headcounts and time consuming debates about voting, SGA finally made a decision to vote on the organizations request.
President Kelli Cody commented in an e-mail about the voting confusion during the meeting.
“I did feel rather aggravated,” Cody said. “Our senate is comprised of many great leaders on our campus. However, many great leaders have many loud voices when expressing their views. As leaders, we all want to lead and this can sometimes cause chaos when events arise that we are not familiar with, such as in the parliamentary procedure issues that occurred last night. The senate must remember that we have an executive board and a parliamentarian for a reason. We are here to take care of these issues.”
Cody addressed other issues concerning students: food services and the possibility of a smoke-free campus.
Most of the senators agreed that the prices in the Student Union were too high and also thought it would be a good idea to include a 24-hour food service somewhere on campus.
Senators also discussed ideas for new smoking policies and possibly making VSU a smoke-free campus.
While some senators felt it was absurd to take away a person’s right to smoke, others were upset about having to walk through smoke while walking on campus.
Some senators gave suggestions on how to fix the current policy. The ideas included police officers enforcing the old policy and charging a fine for disobeying, and having designated places where students and faculty are allowed to smoke, such as the smoking huts seen on other campuses throughout the state.
Other news discussed during the meeting included the progress on the new Web site for SGA and plans for the upcoming SGA elections, including a qualifying meeting, campaigning time-limit and election templates.
All SGA meetings are open to students and are held in Meeting Room 1 in the Student Union, every Monday at 8 p.m.

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