26 April

SGA Election results announced

Written by  Darla Dunning, Asst. Opinions Editor With over 670 votes submitted, the Student Government announced its new and returning representatives for the next academic year. Maya Mapp, a political science major, was elected as SGA President for a second year, as 500 students voted for Maya to remain president and 172 voted to abstain. […]

24 March

SGA takes two step forward, one step back

Written by Juston Lewis, Asst. Sports Editor Growth and stagnation, the weekly SGA meeting featured both. The start of the weekly meeting seemed promising as two new senators were voted in almost unanimously. Clinesha Sims, a sophomore psychology major, was approved as well as D’Layna Jonas, a sophomore psychology major and Spanish minor. The two […]

09 March

Proposed Bill stirs controversial conversation in SGA

Written by Bryce Ethridge, Asst. Entertainment Editor Senator Silas David returned from his hiatus Monday to propose a bill with the potential to change the way SGA operates. “I felt like this bill needed to be presented and I’m ready to get back to work,” David said. David proposed the “Good March” bill which would […]

23 February

SGA makes changes

Written by Hunter Terrell, Opinions Editor The Student Government Association finalized major changes to its constitution this week. Senators concluded that the judicial branch played an “insignificant role” in SGA, so they decided to make it a two branch organization. The student judicial board still exists as a division of the Conduct office, but it […]

03 October

SGA meeting features guests, music

Written by Hunter Terrell, Staff Writer  VSU’s Student Government Association hosted its weekly meeting with the addition of four guest speakers as well as a performance from a senator’s band. The first order of business came from Shawn Pippen. He provided the senators with updates about VSU’s annual Haunted Trail. Pippen asked senators to come […]

07 April

SGA Elections: Time to make your voice heard!

Written by Jyrell Wynn, Correspondent As Blazers, it seems sometimes that students have little control over the situations that occur on campus. Students are simply just passengers as business continues as usual, but there is a silver lining as SGA Election Day approaches. On April 6, a debate was held in Jennett Hall where the […]

07 April

Q&A with 2016-2017 SGA Candidates

*EDITOR’S NOTE: This post will be updated after dealing with technical difficulties with audio interviews. Belinda Bell, The Grand Ticket, President  Belinda Bell, The Grand Ticket, President What made you want to run for SGA? I made the decision to run for this position because over the last year I have come to love this University […]