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Tallahassee has good deals for more cost effective vacations

So you want to get away, but don’t have that much cash. Well, make your way to Tallahassee, Fl. Tallahassee is roughly an hour and a half away and the trip both ways will not cost you more than $100. Most likely you will not be going by yourself so if you split the cost of gas up between about four friends it will only cost you $20.
Do you skate? Do you like to watch people fall down? If you said yes to either option, roll on over to the Mike Blankenship Skate Park, 26,000 square feet of cement just waiting for spectators and skaters alike. The park is open from sunrise until midnight so mosey that way at your own pace.
If you want to get your party on without worrying about bumping into people from VSU, you can party with the FSU & FAMU students at one of the many clubs there. The infamous Moon is Tallahassee’s sweetest nightclub, boasts five bars and a large stage which has seen the likes of 311, Ani DiFranco and the Indigo Girls. The Beta Bar is a more laid back club where you can hear local musicians and sit back and talk with your friends.
Festivals are always a good thing to plan a cheap trip around. Check out the Springtime Festival the last Saturday in March for live music, activities, crafts and vendors. If you really don’t want to spend any money, take in the tunes and concentrate on some quality people watching instead.
Do you smoke? Do you like hookahs? Interested in seeing the largest hookah in the world? Stop by Aladdin’s Sheesha Café and be amazed. For 10 dollars, you can chill out on a sofa or a pillowed area and enjoy one of the hundred fruity flavors of tobacco on an ornate Sheesha pipe.
Avoid all the regular restaurants and check out the large variety of seafood restaurants, steakhouses, and lots of other restaurants to fit whatever appetite you have that day.
If you are planning to stay the weekend and you are comfortable bunking with mosquitoes and frogs, consider building your fire at Woodlands Campground. You can frolic in the woods and through the nearby Gum Swamp. You can also get your outdoor adventuring on at Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park or Lake Jackson Mounds State Park.
If you plan on staying the night in Tallahassee and you want to get a good quality hotel for cheap there are a few options for you. University Inn & Suites have rooms for $50 a night and if you want a more upscale hotel (for maybe Valentine’s Day Weekend) they have Hotel Duval where you can book a room for $109 a night.
Tallahassee is a fun place and you will be sure to bring back lots of memories and stories, and maybe even some leftovers.

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